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Spruce Wood Fibre Pots

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Spruce Wood Fibre Pots
Ideal for seeds or transplanting seedlings

Spruce Pots, as the name implies are made entirely of spruce wood fibres without any additives or chemical products which are completely biodegradable and therefore suitable in organic cultivation.

With excellent strength, penetrability of water, air and roots they are used extensively by professional growers and are also ideal for amateur gardeners who seek to create an excellent root system and benefit from subsequent ease of replanting without transplant shock or distress to their plants.

When using plastic pots one of the most common problems is coiling of roots, but also roots may gather in corners, be forced to grow upwards and worst still, possibly become crushed, all resulting in reduced development of the plant.

The roots of plants grown in Spruce Pots easily penetrate the walls of the pot, contact with the air stops the roots from continuing, root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. This is known as 'aerial root pruning'.

When a plant is re-potted or transplanted (without removing the pot), the dormant root buds set during aerial containment are immediately activated. There is no shock from transplanting, this difference is particularly marked when ground conditions are difficult (cold, drought, adverse season, etc.). Finally, as there is no deformation in the root system, the plant establishes easily and settles into the soil quickly.

The pot is easily biodegradable and simply transforms into organic matter. The speed at which it degrades depends on different parameters, primarily linked with the intensity of microbial activity. With spring planting in a temperate climate, only a few fragments of the pot will still be visible after a few months.

Approximate size 5 x 9cm.
Remaining stock to clear at just 5p per pot.

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