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Wire Products

Wires and the variations of it are frequently one of the essential mechanics of many floral arrangements.
Whether using flat rings to create seasonal or tribute wreaths, square mesh on which to build a display or increasingly many arrangers have reverted to hexagon mesh as an alternative to floral foam, though thankfully today's mesh is much softer and more pliable than the old chicken wire which was the only alternative years ago.
Wire itself now comes in so may options too, fine reel wire for binding, stubb wire with lacquer or galvanised coatings also soft decorative rolls which are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit every need.
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Product Image Item Name- Price
Silver Metallic Wire on Stick

Silver wire for binding in many applica...

OASIS Gold Aluminium Wire

OASIS Gold Aluminium Wire. Metallic fin...

OASIS Decorative Aluminium Wire. Silver.

Adds style and impact to your designs. ...

OASIS Decorative Aluminium Wire. Apple Green

OASIS Decorative Aluminium Wire. Adds s...

Blue Annealed Reel Wire

24swg. (standard wire gauge). 0.56mm. N...