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Whilst our web site payment system is fully secure, we appreciate that not everyone wants to order online and pay by credit card, so we are pleased to offer our customers our View Online - Order by eMail - Pay by Cheque in the Post service where you can check all the products listed on our web site and send us your order by eMail with a cheque for payment if you prefer sent separately by post, alternatively payment can be made by bank transfer if you use internet banking.

Here's what to do if you would like to send us an order by email...
Simply browse our web site for the products you need.
Click this link to open your email....sales@floralmechanics.co.uk
Complete the email with details of your order, please include your delivery address.
Please tell us if you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer.
Tip: You can highlight, copy and paste the descriptions from our web page into the email.
Add together the total cost of your order (or we'll do it for you), plus our delivery charge.
Our delivery charge is £8.95 per order. More information will be found on our
Delivery Info page.
Send us your email.

What happens next...
When we receive your order, we'll send you our confirmation and provide you with payment details.

After that...
When your order is confirmed and payment received, we'll provide you with despatch and tracking details of your order. Our standard delivery schedule is 2 - 3 days.

Still not sure? We'll always be pleased to hear from you at anytime if you wish to discuss your order, please do give us a call, our number is 0117-904-9994.

View online - Order by post
Cheque or Credit Card?
We are pleased to offer our customers a choice of ways to pay for their goods. You can send us a cheque or pay online
with PayPal which is fully secure.
Please click the image below if you would like more information about PayPal.
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Telephone contact details.
UK: 0117-904-9994.
Call us free with Skype: floralmechanics

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