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Wet Floral Foam

We stock floral foam products by top manufacturer OASIS® for it's dependability.
But of course there are lots of floral foam shapes readily available too that are economical and great time savers.

Whilst most, if not all flower arrangers are familiar with the green appearance of wet floral foam many are now accepting that Bio Floral Foam is the new alternative to use wherever possible. The main noticeable difference of OASIS® Bio Foam is it's distinctive coffee colour, this may seem strange at first but you'll find it has exactly the same properties as the OASIS foams you currently use with the advantage that it is 51.5% bio-degradable within 365 days in active landfill conditions.

A great alternative however is OASIS Noir wet floral foam. This offers the same high-quality and benefits that you expect with all OASIS floral foam products. Deep black colour when soaked, easy to hide in arrangements therefore requiring fewer stems to cover. Create stunning arrangements leaving the foam exposed in a clear glass vase for unique designs.

Whatever your choice or needs, you'll find the exact requirement to create your next floral arrangement from our stock.

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OASIS Ideal Wet Floral Foam Bricks. (20)

OASIS Ideal Wet Floral Foam Bricks. 1 x...

1Units:  10
Max: 10
OASIS® Maxi Florette.

Strong, rigid, plastic base and handle....

OASIS® Wet Floral Foam Cylinders. 8cm x 6cm

Ideal for table or gift arrangements an...


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OASIS® Mini Florette

Strong, rigid, plastic base and handle....

£3.90  £3.50Save: 10% off
OASIS® Medi Florette.

Strong, rigid, plastic base and handle....

£4.50  £3.95Save: 12% off