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Our Flower Club Orders Service has been introduced to serve those clubs who do not have a sales table or need ready access to a variation of top quality sundries...

Flower Club Orders Service allows flower club members the opportunity to individually purchase basic floral sundries. By collectively submitting an order with other members from the same club and consigning all the orders to a single UK address we offer a much reduced delivery charge per member's order. 

Generally, all that is required is a minimum of 10 individual club members to each place an order.

There is no minimum amount that each individual member must order but there is a maximum per order of £20.00, each individual order incurs a delivery share of just 50p. Further requirements over £20.00 must be submitted as an additional order.

Here's how our service works.
1. We supply copies of our Basic Sundries Price List to the secretary of your Flower Club along with copies of our Members Order Form and a Master Sheet to collate all the orders.

2. The club secretary distributes the price list and order forms to club members.

3. Each club member completes their order form as required. As a reminder, there is no minimum to each order but the maximum value per order is £20.00, the delivery share of 50p is included in the form. Payment is made to the club secretary.

4. The club secretary collects the orders with payment from each member and simply lists each members name and order value on our Master Sheet. The Master Sheet and individual order forms are returned to us by post. The total payment is paid by the Club with an accompanying cheque, alternatively we will be pleased to provide details for a bank transfer or online credit card payment if that is easier.

5. On receipt, we will assemble and pack each individual order separately. Orders are then consolidated for delivery to  a single designated address. We'll advise the secretary or nominated person that the order has been despatched together with tracking details. 
Orders will be despatched with 7 days of receipt. Our standard delivery service is 2 - 3 days. Usually, a signature will be required on delivery.

Please contact us if you would like to receive copies of our Basic Sundries Price List and Order Forms through the post, alternatively we can email you with copies that you can print and share with members at your flower club.

Lead based pin holders and driftwood clamps for flower arranging

Flower arrangers tools, scissors, knives and secateurs

A few sundries from our range available for Flower Club Members to order and make savings on delivery.
Single floral foam brick tray for flower arranging
Square round bowl for flower arranging
Pot tape for flower arranging
Reel and stub wire for flower arranging.
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